The Gold Medal Campaign

In other blogs I’ve spent time discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of digital marketing in today’s world. So I figure for this blog I might do something a bit different and have a look at a campaign that I believed to be a success. I chose this campaign for it’s integrity, it was not just about boosting sales (which I have no problem with) but its nice to see something a little bit out of the ordinary for our modern marketers.

In the lead up to the 2012 summer Olympics in London Procter and Gamble initiated what would be one of their biggest campaigns to date, it was named the “Thank you, Mom” campaign. P&G were marking the journey an athlete makes from their young years to the Olympic Games, and how behind every athlete was a supportive mom. The campaign ran across various channels of digital media online, on social media on TV and Print.

What is remarkable about this campaign however was it’s ability to span the globe. P&G are a international company and to appeal to all audiences with a single campaign is virtually impossible but not when you target something we all has a human race have in common. The biggest part of the campaign was a short movie about moms doing the everyday tasks of getting their kids to practice and being supportive, you see these kids excel in their field because of the dedication of their moms.  If you haven’t seen it, you have to have a look (just don’t forget the tissues)

As mentioned there were many aspects to this campaign that generated an estimated £500 million in sales for P&G, they had an emotive Facebook page as well as an app in which people could take  videos or still images to thank their own moms for all their hard work.


In order to thank mums properly, P&G asked mums what would be the best way to honour them, to which they replied more support in youth sport organisations, a true testament to the selflessness of mums. As a result P&G committed to raising £5 million for that very cause through a portion of sales of its leading brands.

What we have to remember is what we as marketers want to gain from a digital media campaign. We want increased sales sure but what we really want is to get closer to our audience, build a lasting relationship, be able to convey a message or story with them. This campaign by P&G goes straight to our emotions, to probably the single thing in the world that we can all relate to, a loving mother.  Personally I was in awe at the campaign and amongst the hype and misuse of digital media these days here is a brand leading the way for others. A strong message, strong story that is cohesive across all ranges of digital media.  Bravo Procter and Gamble.


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